dinsdag 19 maart 2019


14:30 - 18:30
360 BAR, Val Thorens

After their huge succes last year in The Netherlands, the debut of this new concept couldn’t kicked off better then this… In October 2018, Dagvlinder Festival shaked things up in the dance scene, by hosting an indoor festival during daytime. And it was not even in the summer… to keep the ‘winter’ spirit alive, this new and already famous concept is back on track and this time on a very special location: 360 Bar in Val Thorens!

Dagvlinder Festival will take things to another level for three (!) days. On Tuesday March 19th, Wednesday March 20th and Thursday March 21st, this epic event, off course with the Dutch organization of Footclub Events, is going to be the most outrageous outdoor festival on this unique location between the slopes, the snow and some sunshine! All three days, the festival starts at 14:30 hours and will go on will 18:30 hours.

Every day, we got some explicit headliners waiting for you… to be announced soon!

Between the French Alps on 2300+ meters high, the best ski resort in the whole wide world is representing itself: Val Thorens! Dagvlinder Festival will take place at yours truly 360 Bar between the slopes of Valtho. 360 is a part of CHALET DU THORENS (Knife and Fork Restaurant in between the Moraine and Portett Chair lifts). Go to www.360-bar.com for the exact details and other information to find the hotspot 🙂

Presale for Dagvlinder Festival is online now, limited phase 1 ‘passe partouts’ available now for only 25,- euro’s (ex fee) and you will have full acces for all three dates.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dagvlinder-festival-tickets-55956883545

See you in March and remember… why only party-ing for one day, when you can have three?! 🙂