zondag 11 maart 2018


14:00 - 18:00
360 BAR, Val Thorens

Come closer and read this… another show from Afrojack can be added to your bucketlist shortly: Sunday the 11th of March at 360 bar, Val Thorens! This extra show is planned on demand of Afrojack, due to the fact that he loves France, he loves Val Thorens and he is in love with 360 bar and off course… with you!

On Wednesday the 7th he is playing a show at Malaysia and on Thursday the place to be is 360 bar, but on Sunday we will close the week with another banger together with Afrojack at 360 bar. Madness on the mountains and between the slopes, are you ready for the final round?! We start at 14.00 hrs so don’t hesitate any longer!

The show will be on Sunday the 11th and starts at 14.00 and will go on till 18.00 hrs. The 360 bar is on the slopes and is part of the CHALET DU THORENS (Knife and Fork Restaurant in between the Moraine and Portett Chair lifts). Go towww.360-bar.com for the exact details and other information.

Tickets for the event at 360 bar can be purchased in the pre-sale for €17,50 (ex fee) on footclubevents.nl
Be on time, because there are limited tickets available in the pre-sale!