vrijdag 27 januari 2017


14:00 - 18:00
360 BAR, Val Thorens

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the fact that our hero and friend Afrojack is in Val Thorens right now, and he really smashed 360 bar earlier this week, we decided to fit in an extra showcase: Friday the 27th of January!


It was a real legendary day, last Tuesday at 360 bar. Afrojack and we are still hyped, so we decided to fit in an extra show this week. How awesome is that?!

Supported acts during on Friday are Fais (LIVE) Oliver Rosa, Ravitez, Rui and hosted by Ambush.

The extra show at 360 bar will be on Friday the 27th and starts at 14.00 and will go on till 18.00 hrs. The 360 bar is on the slopes and is part of the CHALET DU THORENS (Knife and Fork Restaurant in between the Moraine and Portett Chair lifts). Go to www.360-bar.com for the exact details and other information.

No pre sale tickets available for the extra show. ONLY DOOR SALE! Tickets cost €10,- at the entrance of 360 bar.

See you this friday, thrilled!